Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett

Receives charge of St. Ignatius in Pueblo

"I planned the building myself and superintended to the work, and had the church erected and paid for to the extent of being able to say mass in it on the last Sunday of January 1889. The interior finish, I left to my successor, for the next day I left the missions to take charge of St. Ignatius parish in  Pueblo, by appointment of the bishop."

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"The severance of my connection with those missions took place in 1889. My old friend, Father Matz, became Coadjuter Bishop of Denver, and he asked me to leave my missions and take charge of the Parish of St. Ignatius."

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"St. Ignatius was a fine parish, founded in 1872 by the Jesuits, but from which they had resigned, and for the last two years it had been under the care of Rev. Frederick Hender. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land was to go from America in 1889, and Father Hender wished to go with it, so he resigned and it fell to me to be his successor. I had not looked for a change, nor did I desire it, but I readily accepted it after reporting the conditions of missions and finding that Bishop Matz was willing to provide for them and assume responsibility for some indebtedness that still remained upon the Sterling Church."

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