Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett


There are many people who were essential to the creation of this project.  Their assistance and sound advice made this project what it is, elevating it beyond our own initial capabilities.  Beyond this project, they have provided us with skills and tools that we will carry with us to the next projects we undertake.   

We would like to thank Dr. Poos, who not only took the time to visit our class (via Zoom), but also created the beautiful maps you see on this site.

The Sisters of Loretto in Kentucky were so kind to us and encouraged us in our mission to make Father Howlett’s story widely available.  Though we were unable to visit their archives and uncover more gems of his writings, the pictures they were able to send are greatly appreciated.  In particular, we want to acknowledge Sister Matilda Barrett's work on a previous edition of Father Howlett's memoir.

We would also like to thank The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives who scanned the memoir itself for us.  They also helped us in the transcription process, which would have been much more tedious without them.  We would also like to specifically thank Shane MacDonald, who gave us a tour of the archives, let us help in the scanning process, and ignited our curiosity in archival work. 

Additionally, Kevin Gunn, librarian at CUA, gave us much needed insight into digital scholarship projects.  His (very impressive!) Zoom lecture brought other aspects of the project to our attention which otherwise would have been ignored.

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