Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett

Moves to Loveland, CO, Fall 1909

 "I was not as young as formerly, and money raising had grown tedious and distasteful; especially as it was nearly always to pay the debts of others, so I asked Bishop Matz to give me a small place where I might get a modest living and work more in the literature field. He offered me Loveland, a mission attended from Fort Collins in the northern part of the state. Loveland had a small but neat brick church not yet finished, but with a debt of $500 and no house to live in. Nevertheless I accepted it and moved into its sacristy in the fall of 1909. Hoping this was to be my last move, I built residence without any cost to the parish and furnished it to my own taste. By economies I also paid the debt on the church, finished the interior, and had it frescoed by a real artist."

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