Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett

Fr. Faure falls ill with Typhoid Fever, followed by Fr. Howell, Summer 1867

"During the summer of 1867 Father Faure was taken down with typhoid fever. There were no professional nurses in Denver at that time, but it happened that a couple of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati were staying for a time with the Sisters of Loretto, waiting a safe opportunity of going to Santa Fe to look up the prospects for founding a hospital there. These Sisters cared for the sick priest during the day, while I volunteered to act as night nurse. I attended to my school during the day, and it is probable that the extra work laid me open to infection more readily and I was the next victim of the disease. I went home to the ranch and for several weeks lay in bed with the fever. It was several weeks more before I was strong enough for any work, and then I concluded that my next work would not be teaching others but learning from others as a student in the seminary."

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