Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett

Begins building a church in Platteville, Fall 1888

"In the fall of 1888 Father Hickey thought a church might be built at Platteville, but he thought that I would accomplish the work more effectively than he, as it was in this district that my relatives lived and I was better acquainted with the people in general. I had already said mass many times using the schoolhouse for that purpose and had to gather together quite a congregation at that center. Giving him the care of Fort Morgan, I took Platteville in exchange and began the work. A Mr. Johnson donated two lots and I began the work of securing funds for the building. I planned the building myself and superintended to the work, and had the church erected and paid for to the extent of being able to say mass in it on the last Sunday of January 1889. The interior finish, I left to my successor, for the next day I left the missions to take charge of St. Ignatius parish in  Pueblo, by appointment of the bishop."

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