Technology is a Weapon

Technology is a weapon,
it can be used to hurt people,
it can be very dangerous.
People often use it to threaten others,
they often use it in abusive ways.
They often send nasty emails
or look up people's information,
and then use it to stalk them.
People often use technology
to take advantage of others.
They use it to manipulate each other
and to use other people for their personal gain.
They don't seem to care
how much it hurts
the people that they are targeting.
They just go ahead and keep doing it anyway.
Some people never seem to learn.
They continue to use technology
to benefit themselves at the expense of others,
even if they have been told not to.
Even if they have been given warnings.
They just keep using it to harass people.
Technology allows people to do very bad things.
It allows people to do things that they know they shouldn't do.
But people just don't seem to care about what's right and what's wrong.
All they care about is themselves
and their own selfish desires.
That is why technology is so dangerous.
It's very important for us to make sure
that we are using it responsibly.
If we are not careful with it,
then we could end up
becoming exactly the kind of people
that we don't want to be.
Technology can be very bad.
That's why we must use it with care.

-Alex A.


This poem is a response to hardtruth #90:

#90, Trump is always making provocations with his aggressive words

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