Some hardtruth poem responses and readings

Long after the 100 days were over and this online primer completed, this project of radical digital media literacy continued, primarily in the form of Fake News Poetry Workshops that used the primer and made new and better things in response. Later still, we let people who had contributed to the primer know about poems that had been written about their thinking from 2017. We asked them to read the poems or respond to what others had written, inspired by their words. By adding these, now years later, to the primer, we track an open trajectory of ideas, learning, sharing, writing and listening. This counters the cyclone of self-absorption and combat that defines cycles of fake news. A tender and respectful hand off -- from person to person, place to place, format to format -- is one tactic we model as a way to break the fakes’ hold on us. We have always needed care for our internet things and our digital ways, but never so much as now.

Contents of this path: