It’s About Xenophobia, Racism and Sexism

They don't like you because you're different
if you don't look alike, you don't speak their language.
“We are not the same so you don't get respected”
your complaints and your feelings or always neglected.
Uneducated and superior, that's what they are
“You can't sit in our parks or come to our bars”.
“We don't need you here why don't you just leave?”
Innocent souls wondering “Oh God, why me?”
They say just stay in the kitchen where you belong.
Clean up all my filth while you sing a song.
Real-life Cinderella, a slave to the Man.
Doing what she's taught, working hard as she can.
We all deserve love and want to be heard.
All it takes is some kindness and some heartfelt words
Make the world better and always spread love
so that we never ever have to worry about all of the above.
-Jessica L. 

This poem is a response to hardtruth #73:

#73, it’s about xenophobia, racism, and sexism

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