Imitation of Muriel Rukeyser’s Poem Poem (I want to live in those good old days)

I want to live in those good old days, 
As soon as I leave home I begin wondering again, why,
People wander around not looking like themselves.
They go online and look up how to not look like themselves
While the other halves creating the guides for the unseen.
I would come back home and the story is no different;
Ladies masks their faces for invalid reasons.
Recently I threw away those pencils and crayons,
Make my statement for future gentlewomen.
Oh, how I wish their time will be none like this,
Powerful, undeniable from the inside out,
Accepted as they are, professionalism redefined.
The sun has fallen, masquerade ball has arisen,
We are sitting wondering when the sun will rise again,
To return inner-peace, to restore love, to reunite
Herself with herself, beauty with purity,
The world with the truth. We still long for that revival
To wake the broken, to break the limitation
To challenge the unknown, to show.
I want to live in those good old days.


by Claudia Natasha

This poem is a response to hardtruth #28:

#28: face(book?) is best for people with pale skin

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