Technology is a Weapon

The demons of dummy angels
ready to be devastated
by an army Institute University of Technology.
a SWAT team of employees
trying to destroy
a warlock military
looking in the future
of technology in a movie theater
in entertainment
fantasy under a hypnotic spell
protesters of military 
technology is a weapon
a challenge of competitive Warfare 
a brainstorm
that is a rainfall of knowledge
combat and tactics of survival
a military soldier in camouflage
to win the battle
graduate with a doctorate of weaponology
a university of pride
a guided-missile devastating and destroying
the sorcery of the uneducated.

-Wayne B.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #82:

#82, explain your irrational destruction before the eyes of humanity

See Alex Juhasz respond in Podcast form to hardtruth #82:

"Black Lives Matter: Explain Your Irrational Destruction before the Eyes of Humanity"

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