Ghosts can’t tell stories

Now search the deceased 
in your omniscient search box; 
grieve your lost likes. 
Sad face the obituary. 
Now you can miss the funeral. 
Check for updates. 
Timehop memory, 
because ghosts can’t tell stories, 
but do keep thumb prints. 
Do continue stalking
the bereavement of a group 
known as a friends list. 

You really are helping 
by poking them into posting 
painful pictures. 
Post how you knew them, 
because ghosts can’t tell stories. 
but you can send hearts. 
Click right and ‘see friendship.’ 
Share your brief interactions 
to archive your grief. 
Keep looking for grief. 
Retweet deep quotes on death. 
Follow the close family. 
Thank your tired thumbs,
because ghosts can’t tell stories. 
But they are online.
-Gracie Thorne 

This poem is a response to hardtruth #69:

#69, ghosts can’t tell stories

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