What is Beauty

What is beauty? 
Is it how long my lashes are? 
Or is it the length of my natural hair? 
Is it the price of my wig? 
Or is it determined by the curl on my hair? 
What is beauty? 
You see 
Beauty is what I want it to be 
To me 
I can choose if I wanna be u g l y or p r e t t y 
Because my b e a u t y is chosen by me 
It is not for you 
Nor is it for the man across the street 
My make up is for me because I like it 
My jeans are for me 
My ass is for me 
My body is with me thus it is for Me 
Y o u should not be worried b a b y 
Because my beauty is my beauty 
I will not be scared 
I will not be objectified 
I will not let you walk on me 
Because I am beauty 
And b e a u t y is me

By Chloe Lubin

This poem is a response to hardtruth #8:


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