Black Lives Matter

Black people die every year from drugs,
violence and AIDS.
Black people die every year from police choke holds and death row.
like that gots to go
Sometimes racist Trump says black never lives matter
because Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, needs to have their pockets fatter.
It's always time to stop all the racist jokes
‘cause in the real world black people ain't B's noting no coax.
t can be B.I.G, POC, Jam Master Jay
can live forever
but they will never die in my heart
‘cause it's a place to start.
When it's time for the black Revolution to start the war
it's time for them to take it far.
Sometimes Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben keep saving the coons for food
but black lives matter is still in the mood.
‘Cause if I was in the mood for love
like God is still up above
I might as well fly high like a dove.
Between blacks black folks always beefing with white folks in different states
I'm all around them in every day
don't mean I change my way.

-Gerard G.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #44:

#44, black lives matter

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