Our oral stories are our truth

In my young days
as a little boy
being insulted and being bullied
I understand that is who I am
and the way I respond
it's true
I am afraid of terror
hard to Stand My Ground
as a man
being mistreated making me more recessive
I must remember
that I am God's greatest creation
God loves me
and accepts me the way I am
even though I keep getting insulted
I must learn not to meditate
on being cold a fa***t
though it is mean
I know Society or the public doesn't like the status of gay men
I must remember not to worry when I am mistreated
or insulted
I must learn to be strong
when I learn to be strong
I think about myself as a person
that has a very strong nature
and not to worry
I must learn to think positive in life
and not let people feed
with negative insulting thoughts
that can destroy my glamorous nature as a man

By Wayne A.B.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #39:

#39, reward responsible disobedience

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