Fake Can be Fun

This is how we get things like ‘The Onion’ 
And 'MAD.' 
We’re being given information that might or might not be real,
depending on where it comes from and essentially accepting it because of the truth behind it.
It is the only way to try and decipher information in this day and age.
So, what's more fake: what we’re reading and seeing? The toxically sadistic bullshit that spews out of the mouths like Beelzebub’s ugly kidney stone? Donald Trump, the greatest figurehead in the fuckin’ world? this dickwipe is worse than George W. Bush.
Anyway, read Mad Magazine.
we may not be getting accurate information while the world burns,
But what, us? Worry?

- Jordan W.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #80:

#80, outlast virality

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