Call the Man of the Year a Liar


I would be first in line.
From the first moment of his presidency, he inflated a scraggly cloud to mammoth proportions.
It was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.
He is beloved, he is the prophet of all things true, period.
Some people are haters--sad!--but those who know best know him, period.

There are a lot of small things about him, but his lies are enormous. like his crowds. like his supporters. like his heart. like the coal mine he’s reopening right under our feet--America, how does black lung feel? 
How does it feel being cheated by a cheesy smile balanced on an emergency red tie? 
How did a small loan of a million dollars become the ruining of billions of lives?
How does it feel to be led by the lovechild of racist comments on Facebook and unimaginable power?

America, get your heads out of your echo chambers. 
There is more to politics than what you want to believe. There is more to know than what they show you. 
Do not mistake easily obtainable for true. Do not mistake your agreement for divine approval.

Where there is doubt, there is still hope.

By Mika Judge

This poem is a response to hardtruth #81:

"call the man of the year a liar."

See Alex Juhasz respond in Podcast form to hardtruth #81:

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