Technology is a Weapon

Technology is a weapon because it is all serious.
Between taking care of business is making you delirious.
Computer technology still searching for some information is the key to success of life.
Like everything could be serious for life.
It could be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more
but never post nothing in different pages before.
Never the drugs, alcohol, but it's all the same.
‘Cause technology is still the same name.
Just because I need to do the hard work
don't mean I'm supposed to be the jerk.
Straight up for that I've even heard the game
of this technology thing is still the same.
Because positive choices is always on my side
But that don't mean I've lost my pride.
Losing you things could be very serious
‘Cause in the real world I've never been curious.

By Gerard G.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #4:

the internet is built on deceptions

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