Alex Juhasz's Podcast "Black Lives Matter: Explain Your Irrational Destruction before the Eyes of Humanity"

This emergency episode was made quickly during a time of uprising following the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other African Americans by police.

We begin by hearing “Innocence Nevermore,” a short video made by Frances Negron-Muntaner featuring Nuyorican poetry legend “Tato” Livaiera performing his poem “Innocence (to 9/11)” with gifted musician Tato Torres. Locked in her archives for 16 years, this footage would be transformed into her contribution to the Visible Poetry Project in 2017. This video also became the 82nd HardTruth of my online primmer, pulling words and knowledge straight from Livaiera’s poem: “explain your irrational destruction before the eyes of humanity.”

Frances discusses the physical, emotional, imaginative infrastructures we need to decolonize ourselves and our country. Poetry is part of this, helping us articulate and create new realities, new vocabularies, and new ways of being in community.

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hardtruth #82: explain your irrational destruction before the eyes of humanity

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Technology is a Weapon

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#44, black lives matter

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Black Lives Matter