Alex Juhasz responds in Podcast form to "Call the Man of the Year a Liar."

We engage in radical digital media literacy by enjoying a bite of education and a bit of poetry, creating humane responses to fake news and social media in the era of Covid-19.

In this episode, we explore as the 81st hardtruth from the online primer of digital media literacy: “Call the Man of the Year a Liar.” It consists of just one intense, angry thing: Joan Baez singing a song, “Nasty Man.” Next, we hear a poem of the same name written by Mika Judge from a Fake News Poetry Workshop held in 2018 with a youth poets collective in Los Angeles, Get Lit. Mika has rewritten the poem for this episode to respond to some of the new lies of the Covid-Nineteen era.


a coal mine has opened under our feet.

and oh! we should have listened--

it is the same one he promised us

all those years ago.


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hardtruth #81 call the man of the year a liar

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Call the Man of the Year a Liar

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