Throughlines: Social Injustice and Activism Los Angeles


Photograph of Santa Monica Freeway (U.S. Route 10) work looking east from Hoover Street. Verso reads: "Santa Monica Freeway work looking east from Hoover Street (bottom). Center, interchange with Harbor Freeway. Diagonal roadway, center, is Washington Blvd. Diagonal to lower right hand corner is 23rd St." -- Examiner clipping attached to verso, dated, "July 30, 1961". Verso dated, "July 30, 1961".; "Freeways. Construction of Santa Monica Freeway, 1961. Hearst collection. 233" -- hand-printed note attached to verso.; "Photograph by State of California Department of Public Works, Division of Highways. Sacramento, California. Date: 6-22-61, neg. no: 8201-5, district: VII, county: LA, route: 173, section: VAR, description: constr. Santa Monica Fwy." Los Angeles Examiner Prints Collection, late 1920' -1961, University of Southern California Special Collections.

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