Throughlines: Social Injustice and Activism Los Angeles


Photograph caption reads, "Controversy grew out of this housing destruction after residents of area termed it 'criminal.' They seek city council action to prevent further acquisition." The accompanying article partially reads, "J. Andrew White, president of the Whitley Heights Civic association, disclosed details of the transaction in a communication to the city council to supplement testimony given at a public hearing on Monday before the council's public works and state, county and federal affairs committee on the freeway issue. White said the house formerly stood at 6786 Whitley Terrace. Because it was in the path of the proposed Whitley Heights section of the freeway, the State Highway commission acquired the structure and put it on the auction block. Terms of the auction required that the house be moved after the sale. White related that homes in the area are not the kind that can be propped on rollers and moved to new locations. For that reason, after being sold for only $855, it was immediately demolished." Valley Times Collection, Los Angeles Public Library.

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