Paradoxes & Praxis: The 21st Century Imperative for Educational Foundations

Edmund C. Short

Edmund C. Short joined the University of Central Florida, College of Education faculty in August 1999, as Faculty Associate, teaching part-time in the area of Curriculum Studies, working with doctoral students on their dissertation research, and serving on doctoral student committees. Dr. Short graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Teaching English, completed his M.ED. in Educational Guidance and Counseling at Texas Christian University, and received his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1965. His teaching experience included teaching English for three years in Indiana junior and senior high schools, one-half year in a New York State high school, and one year in a New Jersey high school. Following completion of his doctorate, Dr. Short served on the Education faculties of Ball State University, University of Toledo, The Pennsylvania State University, and Georgia Southern University before coming to the University of Central Florida. Dr. Short has taught both in undergraduate teacher education programs and in graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction. He helped create and led doctoral programs in Curriculum Studies at Toledo, Penn State, and Georgia Southern. At Penn State over a period of 23 years, Dr. Short directed 23 doctoral dissertations and served on more than 100 dissertation committees. Following retirement from Penn State in 1995 as Professor Emeritus, he directed additional dissertations and served on numerous doctoral committees at Georgia Southern. Dr. Short served as interim department chair, graduate studies coordinator in the Curriculum and Instruction Program, and head of the program in Curriculum and Supervision at Penn State. He founded and served as co-editor and then editor of the "Journal of Curriculum and Supervision" (the scholarly journal of the A.S.C.D.) from 1984-1993. 

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