Paradoxes & Praxis: The 21st Century Imperative for Educational Foundations

O.L. Davis Jr

A native Texan born into a family of educators, O.L. Davis Jr. has become a strong voice in the area of curriculum studies. His work is divided in to six specific categories: curriculum development with subcategories in practice and theory, curriculum history, and social studies education (Bohan, 2004). He began as an 8th grade teacher, earned a master’s in public school administration, served as principal in Burleson, joined the Navy, and then earned a Ph.D. in 1958. He has been a leader with Kappa Delta Pi (the honor society for education) and has been in higher education since 1960. He has publications that would take thirty pages to list and has served in Washington DC as well as the faculty of multiple colleges and universities. A graduate of what is now The University of North Texas, he has created a doctoral fellowship in the area of curriculum and instruction.