Women can do

Women food 
Women can do 
Woman I never 


She can do 
She can critique 
Memoriam can seek 
Woman black 


We are creating 
Truths creating 
Nonprofits creating 
Tshirt awareness message creating 


These workers do 
Women can spread 
I remain creating 
The knowledge did creating 


Women can build John 
Them want wage 
Women can support 
Public quality creating 
Them can explore; them can spread 


I can develop 
Them can vote; them can be 
Them can maintain 
I can develop 
We can develop 


Women can purchase eggs 
An explosion can create 
The cheese grew creating 
Constructionists creating 

-By Alex Juhasz, Jacque Wermnimont, and Aaron Karp

This poem is a response to hardtruth #71:

#71, cultural myths often lead to dominant ideologies

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