Voyeurism is me you

Voyeurism is me you 
eating popcorn eating skittles watching 
The Latest Bad Thing unravel 
You like to say 
There has been another school shooting in America 
& read me the details off your phone 
17 confirmed dead, suspect arrested 
little newsreader 
You said you wanted to die in a big american swimming pool 
I said I wanted to speak truthfully with you in a swimming pool cafe 
I like to say 
We have to get married now anyway 
because we stayed up together 
eating crisps eating leftover pasta watching 
the 2016 election results 
My future children, in their perfect television accents will ask me 
Where were you when you heard? What world did you hear it in? 
& I want that moment to be perfect

By Annie Dobson

This poem is a response to hardtruth #17:

#17: Barak Obama says “we won’t know what to protect”

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