Information Costs Money

Information causes pain and suffering
Blood and Tears.
I see more suffering in people's life
and for myself
it is a wound in my soul.
Seeing everything
No truth
No honesty
Sensations that problems happen.
This country is using Facebook instead of news.
There is a Buddhist monk
says he hates Muslims.
But you are a person of faith.
Yours is a religion of love
and patience
it's understanding.
and it sickens me.
This is a person of peace and not violence.
Why are you so angry?
Angry? So angry?
You get your information from Facebook and it is not true.
He believes this news.
Not getting the facts correct.
People are not translating the news into the right language.
Only two people translating in the country
Guessing it wrong.
You say something different language in different words.
Facebook doesn't take responsibility for that.

-José G.

This poem is a response to hardtruth #67:

#67, watch those who are monetizing their watching from the shadows

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