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The Minnesota Beef Council's website on the Weber VanDerWal feedyard:
The transcript of this interview here

0:00- 0:31 Introduction: Produced and Directed by Peter Shea        
         Cattle and Crop Farmer in Sanborn, Minnesota
0:14- 2:05 Background of Jill VanDerWal         
         How she started farming and life history of the cattle business
2:07- 4:15 What’s your operation like? 
         Crop Farm (500 acre of corn) –some to feed cattle
         Livestock Farm (Beef farm)
4:15-9:29 Daily life at the Farm 
         7 days a week of consistent feed to cattles
         Cattle health and sanitation
9:29-15:45 Working with Animals day after day 
         Cattle breeding out problems (once in a while)
         Animal Protection and Personal Safety
         Cooperation and Experience
15:45- 22:36 Family Traditional Roles 
         Hard to be good at something you are not passionate about
         Marketing Decisions
         Cattle Unpredictability
22:36- 25:54 Health Treatment and Nutrition 
         Vaccine for Health Protection (really reduce illness with cattle)
25:54- 34:54 College Influence (How she got from college to working with cattle) 
         Business Degree
         Job and Degree
         Gender Influences on jobs (family background information)
34:54-40:53 World before Farming (Business Job before farming) 
         Doesn’t miss the corporate world 
         World after Farming
41:00- 49:56 Kids Issue 
         Attractions to kids taking over the cattle farm
         Pressure and Family Issues
         Farm may change over time
         Surroundings around Farm (huge trade-off) –quiet place
49:56-60:40 (End) Harvest (different each year because of the weather) 
         Winter- more quiet and maintenance
         Spring- Shipping cattles and planting starts
         Fall- Cattle comes during this time
         Summer- Crop Checking, hay making and maintenance
         Weed Control
         Short-term animal seasons

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