Field Guides to Food

David Strom, all video


0:23 Artist background information and his influence from other artists

1:16 Finding new ways to look at ordinary things

2:24 Art School
- Reason to start Ink Drawing
- Jungle drawings created from faces in magazines

3:38 Story of the Drawings
- Left Turns and Warriors
- The King Liking the Drawing of the Queen
- Battle on Wallpapers
- Beast of Beauty
- Samsara Hat
- Lips on Sticks and People with fire caps

6:32 Story of Abstract Paintings
- Decision on trained serious artwork
- Time is important when painting
- Drawing and painting friends

10:20 The Now Paintings
- Includes paint and ink drawings into layers
- Thinking too much can hurt the painting
- Different dimensions on each layer of the painting

13:26 Studying Abroad
- Trip to Holland
- Staying in Windom

17:15 Business and Art

20:49 Serious Trained Artist

25:01 More about the Jungle Pictures

30:34 Art as a Protest

37:15 Appreciation and thoughts on Arts

42:58 Hallmark
- Decision to stay in Windom
- Solitude of the studio
- The community
- Helping other artists
52:16 End Any Non-Artistic Interest?
- Experiencing art
- Music and reading
- Step back to the living
- Painting as another way to live within something else

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