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An interview with Graham Meriwether, director and producer of the documentary "American Meat" and generally interesting individual.

See for more information on Graham and his work.

Table of Contents:

00:28 Graham Meriwether's background on poetry and his choice of mediums

2:00 How Graham learned how to become a filmmaker in NY

3:08 Start of Graham's documentary career at A&E working on "First 48", a show following homicide police 

4:00 Graham's exploits in Detroit

4:55 "An Inconvenient Truth" and its effect on Graham

5:40 "The Omnivores Dilemma" and Grahams decision to make his own documentary

6:48 "Green Pioneers" and Graham's first idea for a documentary

8:00 Grahams thought process in choosing how he was going to film his first documentary on farming; meeting Joel Salatin

9:00 Conventional agriculture versus new age agriculture is not a simple comparison

10:15 Grahams opinions on documentaries and film literacy

11:40 The relevance of documentaries and film in terms of food

12:35 Who was Grahams initial audience and the Future Farmers of America

14:00 Use of Graham's film "American Meat" in Iowa schools' Ag-Ed programs

14:55 How to distribute a documentary and find an audience: stories of Graham's trials in both throughout Iowa and Virginia

16:20 The Iowa State fair and failed screenings of "American Meats"

17:30 Graham finding the FFA booth at the fair and creating his own audience

18:35 How FFA works and how it worked for Graham in distributing his product

19:25 Summary of how Graham figured out his audience

21:28 The Focus of the Film American Meat

22:30 Grahams perspective on conventional agriculture

24:02 Potential solution to the problems of conventional agriculture and how it can be carried on 

25:28 Why farmers get almost no cents on the dollar for their product

26:04 Why new agriculture types are beneficial to farmers

26:40 How a family can integrate themselves into a new-age farm

27:40 21st century farming and the next generation of farmers and organic food

32:40 Is farming a safe profession, physically and economically?

35:00 Graham's suburban background and his first time farming

36:30 The disconnect between non-farmers and farmers + urban agriculture

38:15 How Graham planned out the making of American Meat

39:20 Why the film took four years to create

40:25 Financing the film

41:14 Shooting the film

42:50 Shooting techniques

45:00 What material made the film?

47:00 Graham's team related to the film 

49:00 How the team was assembled

52:20 Graham's plans for the future

53:20 Graham's next film

55:20 What Graham learned from American Meat and how it will affect his future film making

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