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Field Guides to Food

Field Guides to Food

The Field Guides to Food site is a hub in a network of knowledge-sharing projects designed to support learning about food movement actions: we explore why people take action to support and transform parts of the food system, and we share what we learn.

How to use the Food Field Guides:

“Field Guides” offer guidance for exploration. The stories and artifacts shared (in "paths") in this collection have been put together by people who use the site and who felt that things they were doing or learning about food were worth sharing. As you explore these stories, we hope that you will also want to share stories, questions, or connections.

The pages are designed to support learning, exploration, and sharing, by encouraging all users to:

For more about the why and how of this project, please see our manifesto and user guide.

Good paths for beginners include:

  1. The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo, community storytelling toward a cookbook project of recipes for organizing communities
  2. The Real Food Challenge project in Minnesota, highlighting the Uncomfortable Dinner Parties
  3. Frame-a-Farmer Photobooth, with tie-ins to the team's agroecology studies, and building on the Food Justice module built for public education at the Common Table exhibit of the Minnesota State Fair
  4. How to Make Food Good, story collections from SE and SW Minnesota, as well as the University of Minnesota, the basis for the Eating Together Podcast series 

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