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Martha Megarry

I work as a Research Assistant for Valentine Cadieux in the Food and Society Collaboratory at the University of Minnesota (U of M). I also work as a web design and tech person. In the fall 2015 I will be attending Prime Digital Academy for training program in software development. I have a BA degree in Linguistics and a minor in Entomology (bugs not words) from the U of M. I worked at the U of M Bee Lab on researching the effects of pesticides on bumble bees and honey bees (TLDR; they are bad for bees!) I believe that a large part of the solutions to the problems in the current food system will lie in government policy- for example redesigning the farm bill to promote and incentivize diverse crop, pollinator and native species friendly, small scale/locally controlled farms and farmer co-operatives that are finding solutions to growing without major pesticide use. Credible sources to me include plain language explanations of how they came up with the conclusions that they make, try to show different perspectives on the situation they are talking about and are as close to primary as possible. I am interested in food policy and pollinators and internet communication about food.

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