Field Guides to Food

Lea Kirchner and Bryce Wolle, all video

Table of Contents

0:33 Release of Stress through Vegetables and Fruits 

2:50 Giving Food 

3:50 Lea Kirchner Came to Gardening 

5:13 Open Space to Garden and Enjoyment to Garden 

6:30 Fertilizer 

7:57 Produce 

8:45 Senior Citizen-Meal on Wheels 

10:40  "Prices are Going Up" 

11:30 Missing Friends 

12:20 Seeing customers 

13:00 Family 

14:10 Times Not Farming 

15:17 Large Family of Bryce and Working 

17:00 Gardening With Someone 

19:15 Starting Watermelon Early -- Mouse 

20:30 Writing and Making a plan 

21:30 Fence and Animals 

23:20 Connection With Food Policy 

24:30 Goals Working Towards 

25:50 Kids Learning About Food 

29:30 Kids Gardening 

31:38 Farm to School 

35:50 Feeding Own Kids 

38:38 Never Run Out of Food 

39:44 Delivering Food

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