Field Guides to Food

How to Use the Field Guides to Food

Field Guides to Food are a collection of food knowledge and experiences that anyone can use to share what they would like others to explore about food.


This is an invitation to share what you think is worth knowing about food.


You can share resources, make connections between resources, and create pathways of resources to tell your food story.


As these stories are collected, they are added to this interactive online book: Food Guides to Food. Other users can learn from your food story, comment, add to it or make another story to create a conversation.

The modular structure of the Field Guides to Food book enables storytelling or research groups to build on particular areas.

This specific learning module is a pathway that guides users through the goals of this project, guidelines for participation, resources, and instructions on how to start your own learning module.

Below you will see the titles of the pages and subpaths in this module. To navigate through the learning module, click on “Begin this path: How to Use the Field Guides to Food”.

Contents of this path: