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Shelley Cords-Swanson all video

TABLE OF CONTENTS -- note: no trailer or edited version have been made of this

Shelley's creative background and her family

2:27 Shelley's journey through college as she discovered her passions and spent time figuring out her career. 
- parks and rec
- cartography/geography
- quilting

11:05 Combining her skills as a cartographer and quilting to create wall-hanging quilted maps that represent nowhere in particular most of the time

12:00 Building furniture out of things she harvests and salvaged materials

12:40 What Shelley loves about maps in general and why she loves quilted maps 

15:40 The physical purpose of Shelley's works

18:21 The messages that Shelley's pieces convey to the viewer(s)

20:20 How Shelley's background as a teacher fits in with her work

22:10 Shelley's take on what it's like to be a geographer in today's world

26:41 How living in rural Minnesota affects and influences creativity

28:17 The rural Minnesota art community and art in the Twin Cities 

33:18 The Internet and its place in Shelley's work -- or lack thereof

35:12 How farms and farmers in Shelley's community perceive her work 

36:51 Shelley as a regional artist
- what being a regional artist means
- her relationship with the cities
- how her art is sometimes displayed

42:13 Shelley discuses one of her recent shows

44:44 Shelley's experience teaching quilting

46:18 Where her ideas come from and her creative process

53:30 Shelley's experience doing commissioned work

56:39 Shelley's connection with art history and it's connection to her own work

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