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Jeffrey M. Pilcher is a professor of History at the University of Minnesota, where he researches teaches classes on food and drink in world history. He is editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of the History of Food. His works include the award-winning !Que vivan los tamales! Food and the Making of Mexican Identity (1998),The Sausage Rebellion: Public Health, Private Enterprise, and Meat in Mexico City (2006), Food in World History (2006), and Radical Foodways, a special issue of the Radical History Review, co-edited with Daniel Bender (2011).

Table of Contents for Edited Version: (number indicates section from full interview; 00min00sec indicates time stamp from full interview, ** indicates clip used in trailer)
1. (0:13) STORY BEHIND INTEREST IN MEXICAN FOOD (13sec in full version)
First experience with Mexican food (0:41)
5. (2:02) FOOD WRITER WITHIN ACADEMIA (8min50sec in full version)**
                Establish Food History as academic field (2:04)**
                Wide audience interested (2:30)
6. (4:15) LEGITIMACY OF FOOD HISTORY (10min50sec in full version)
                Connecting histories (4:27)
7-8. (5:08) DIET AND CLASS (18min17sec-20min39sec and 22min30, 24min-26min43sec in full version)**
                Original Mexican diet (6:11)
                Maize transformation (6:54)
                Maize travels to Americas and Europe (9:25)
9-10. (10:31) CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE  (27min45sec-28min42sec and 31min01sec-36min55sec in full)
                Developing balanced diet and cuisine (11:07)**
                Colonialism (13:47)
11-12. (16:10) Tradition and Cuisine (42min56sec-45min09sec and 49min48sec-54min40sec in full)
                Perspective of an outsider (16:47)
                Flavor and Taste – the chili pepper (17:51)

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