Field Guides to Food

Food Justice: The People between Farm-to-Fork.

Curated By: Tahsha LePage

This collection looks at the food supply chain between farm-to-fork, the farm being the producer and the “fork” being the consumer. There has been a large local movement of bringing the consumer and producer closer together, exposing the food supply chain. These selections are inspired by my studies of the food system, bringing justice for food workers and social responsibility of institutions in the food chain. I hope to inspire critical thought and social awareness regarding those who fall in between farm-to-fork.

It begins with "The Hands that Feed Us" investigating the lives of those who bring us food. The next two pages present the lives of farmworkers and action by the non-profit Centro Campesino to fight injustices against migrant farmworkers. "Behind the Kitchen Door" brings us into the lives of restaurant workers. The final page offers a reflection on captialism's role within the food system and how that affects the "hands that feed us".

How can we take this information to become better consumers?

Contents of this path: