Civic Imagination

Tiajna A

I would really welcome the chance to participate in this opportunity because I believe it will be a chance for me to broaden my intellect, especially when it comes to global political issues and media ethics. Over the past two years during my studies, I have become more and more aware of the potential I have as a young politically ware woman, to help people understand what the vast term media means, as well as how media can and does strongly impact and influence the politics of people around the world. This year the Salzburg Global Seminar on Media and Global Change will focus on many topics, including migration and the refugee crisis and the freedom of the press. These two seminars in particular really interest me because they are the ones that are most relevant to the news stories at the moment. Being part of this will offer me the opportunity to broaden my political horizons and give me a deep insight into the role citizens, journalists and Governments play in the dynamics of media and global change.

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