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Roaring Lion

There are two Lion Statues situated in front of the headquarters of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking in HK Central. The lions have become a distinctive landmarks in Central, also locates the heart of HK financial central. Each of them are very heavy and about 2600pounds, Chinese people believe that strong lions will protect HSBC because of Fengshui reason. During the WWII , these Lions were took by Japan soldiers but safely back finally. There was a myth saying that, these two lions would become real lion and walked in the street of Central to look for food. 

When I was a child, I took pictures with Lion statues because HSBC headquarter is a famous spot. My daddy and mom told me story about this statue, also about the story of Lion go out to the street at night. I was a little bit scare of the lions because I was too young. I am afraid Lions will eat me. When I grow up, I became a financial reporter in 2009, there were demonstrations in front of HSBC central, in front of the Lion statues. Many old people in Hong Kong lost their money because of the Leman brothers mini bond. I came to a demonstrator and ask if he want to share his anger thru interview. Therefore, to me, the meaning of the Lion statues mean money, power and risk of capitalism. The story of HSBC lion statues appeal me because it is a statue with history and culture meanings. On the one hand, Chinese people trust in Fengshui as they believe in natural harmony and hope strong power could keep them save. On the other hand, HSBC as an international bank need to follow Chinese cultural and put Lions in front of their company. It is a myth and story about when west meets east. 

This story and my related experience about this story go to the role of media in financial information field. Financial media and related media research should be ethical and telling the truth of our community.


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