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potentials lost

A story of self-made determined Syrian scientist lost his family and home during the war and found himself a homeless refugee in turkey in a camp near a collage taught with the books he has written. He couldn't work because he doesn't have official papers required to work in turkey but he never stopped his research he created a machine that can generate electricity from the movement of the train. this machine is used right now in Istanbul metro but the credit for this invention was stolen from him as turkish people were buying his inventions. he was interviewed by the Facebook page humans of new York. Edward norton the famous actor read the post and he was inspired to create a website page called the scientist, were people can donate for his travelling expenses to the state, fund his research, and his cancer treatment expenses.

I read the story on the Facebook page humans of New York. I was inspired and shocked because despite the fact that he was left with nothing but a stomach cancer, his only demand is to keep inventing and make the world a better place. It is appealing to me as I found myself motivated. I don't consider myself a refugee in Lebanon as I am seeking my education there but what I know for sure is that I am privileged and blessed for being able to study what I am passionate about without struggling. if a psychologically traumatized person like the scientist with everything he went through can fine hope and persist on making the best of his time inventing, I can achieve and be whoever I want to be, nothing is impossible. The problem posed here is the huge potentials lost. And the problem is not the war or being a refugee. The problem is the mistreatment and the inhuman predisposed thoughts about refugees. Making up a solution is not that hard. Through our voices and communion we can help Edward Norton did!

Humans of New York Facebook page

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