Civic Imagination

Tanis Ca.

I am 25 years old, study the career of communication but first spent a year studying marketing. Last semester I went to chicago to the social service where I was working on several projects with migrants especially Latinos, who often come to America for a better life. In the social service I learned many things, especially to value what I have, made me grow professionally and personally since I realized as the US government helps its citizens especially migrants thing I did not expect and Final thought that I would like to make an association in mexico where companies can make donations of food and clothing so take them to those who need them most. On the other hand my hobbies are photography, travel to learn from different cultures and traditions found around the world, I love dancing, listening to music and going to museums. In my major of communication I want to dedicate myself to produce events, television and film production, so that is why I have been involving me in the media of television, movies and mostly events.

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