Civic Imagination

Simba and the Maasai Warriors

The war was now over. President Fouad saw the red army approaching from a distance, spears held high and chants ringing in the plains. It was now time for the maasai warriors to go back to Africa. They have fought bravely.

Children now go to school, hospitals operate fluidly and corruption no longer exists.

He nostalgically recalls the youthful days he spent in Africa. He sees the plains and flowing fields of eserere weeds as they danced around the bonfire. Moran, the warriors head will lead the warriors back home tomorrow. They crossed the ocean to Asia to help him bring back his country but now have to go back to protect their little children in Africa.

As the warriors approached the palace gates, Moran took a leap onto a rock and shouted, "Lomurran!" There was silence, then the warriors shouted in unison, "Oo!"

"We shall be leaving tomorrow before the hyenas go back to hide. Many of us have fallen but we promised to stand by our son Ole Fouad to the fall of the last man. The land has now come back to his hands, and I am happy. We are all happy.
By the power of the spear that was given to us in the plains, we shall go well. However, we cannot leave him bare-handed. I shall leave him this spear. The spear that brought the enemy to a brother down. In the spirit of brotherhood, let's give a final cheer!"

Nijiaaaa! they echoed.

King Fouad heard and saw it all. He stood by the edge of his castle window and said, ''I am honored by your brave acts. When I was in your land, you treated me like a son. When I called for help, you came without hesitating. Brothers have died in war but no one retreated. May God keep you well."

Esaai! The warriors said in unison.

"I shall send with you Simba. He will help you on the way. Treat him like a warrior until I see him again. " He said, bowing in respect as the warriors broke into a dance.
The warriors now had a stronger army than any other tribe anywhere in Africa.
It marked a new beginning.


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