Civic Imagination

Sangita S

Sangita is the Program Director of the MacArthur funded Henry Jenkins’ Media, Activism & Participatory Politics (MAPP) project based at the University of Southern California. A Czech-Nepalese child of the final years of the Cold War, Sangita grew up between Prague and Kathmandu. Her early childhood was shaped by hostile visa policies and travel restrictions. In what could be seen as a reaction to this restrictive experience, she has since taken the opportunity to call many cities home (among them Brussels, London, Kandy, Ahmedabad, Berlin). She relishes any opportunity to draw on her mixed race/cultural chameleon-like background and routinely keeps track of multiple times zones. She is still most comfortable when her carry-on is packed and believes home is simply a place where there is someone waiting for you; right now that is Los Angeles.

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