Civic Imagination

Out of Balance

In a dystopian alternative past, after the end of World War II, the whole world suffered from the huge losses caused by nuclear warfare. This led to a worldwide decision to implement a whole new system that altered our very way of life.

An injection was introduced to the core of the laws, and it suppressed every human emotion possible in order to achieve "peace" and eliminate conflict.

In Munich, Germany, a man fell out of this system by accident. As a result of missing his injection, he began regaining his emotions. This triggered a distant memory of his. He's with his parents by the couch playing with a toy. It's a labyrinth with a marble within it, which he needs to guide out of the maze with proper balance and decisions.

This reflected his current situation, and made him yearn for a parallel way of living. He needed to lead himself and others out of the labyrinth the world was living in.

First, he attempted to invoke the change within his family. His son, however, being under the effect of the medication, was not too enthusiastic about the idea. He believed that peace was very crucial for humanity's survival, and that emotions would lead to a third world war, possibly the last.

However, the father convinced the son that common grounds could be found while still maintaining peace, before going on to lead society out of the darkness. "Our emotions and differences shouldn't scare us, but rather empower us. That happens through acceptance of others' perspectives. Humanity needs to be led out of the labyrinth into the light, and given a choice to reach an alternative future, for life is a maze full of choices and risks. What we do about them is what really defines our future."

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