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A Superhero

I'm writing about a man that struggled all his life to feed his parents and siblings while saving some coins after every working day, reaching a point when he got married to a wonderful woman, got 3 kids, and educated them until they graduated from the top university of his hometown. This man is my Dad.

I'm writing the story of my dad, he never talks about it as it was hard for him. My dad left school at the age of 14 and started working at a printing house. he used to get paid 1 L.L (Lebanese Lira is our currency, such as euro and dollar), so he used to give his parents 75% of it, and kept 25% for himself. He then continued working in the printing house, later on, he traveled to the KSA, and stared working at a lingerie store. with time, he met my mum, who he never knew before, and their families introduced themselves to each other. Later on, they got married. After many jobs, he settled and started working at his wife's dad's store as an accountant where he actually learned them job. After years, his wife (my mum) gave birth to his kids (my brothers and i). and now, after around 28 years i, the youngest of my brothers, am graduating university with the money my dad saved during his life by saving 25% from his basic salary, which with time became a small fortune to educate his kids. My dad is my superhero! 

This story wasn't shared yet, but i'm sure it will inspire a lot of people to do their best in life and save money for their future.

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