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The Simulators

This story is about a small team engaged in assisting persons in need in their daily life routines. They work like spies to spot their cases and show unconventional and creative ways to settle different problems. For example, they could help a boy to pass his exams, a man to recover his job or a woman, suffering domestic violence.

The main characters of the fictional TV show, called “ The Simulators”, work in Buenos Aires City and they focus on individual problems because they feel that it is too hard to change the whole world. The serie was presented in a moment of crisis in Argentina and when it ended, the actors received many requests to help in real cases.

When the series were released, I was too young, so I did not watch them at that time. Four years later, Damian Szifron, who was the director, made another show that fascinated me. So, my brother recommended me to watch “The Simulators” and he gave me as a present, the DVD with all the chapters.

I was really engaged from the first chapter and I couldn’t stop to wacht it. First, I did alone and afterwards I shared my passion with my friends. I watched it so many times that today I am able to remember the complete dialogues.

When I discovered it, I was hooked because in that moment I was into detective and mystery stories. Nowadays, I also appreciate that narrative style but I added others layers of meaning. I could place in its real context: at tht time Argentina was experiencing an economic and political crisis, and the idea of justice was undermined and these series showed a resourceful way to deal with problems. At that time, nobody felt that it was a fiction and for some people the characters seemed like real.

“The Simulators” is still an iconic show. Many times, there have been rumours about their return to the screens. I think that this happens because it didn’t have a real end. Furthermore, the country’s struggles remain the same and the concept of justice is constantly debated.

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