Civic Imagination

Hopping for Hope

A girl attends a college party where she was later on raped by a male attending the university. She struggles to deal with her emotions the following days, but she has one saving grace, her rabbit. Hearing her weep, pet rabbit Hazel somehow manages to speak, very much like a human being, and following an emotion-heavy talk about life struggles, he talks her into telling her father, Herb Brooks, what happened to her so that they can fight together for justice against her rapist. She finally builds up the courage to do what her rabbit said and together they unite with others to fight against rape in the U.S. and to fight for justice even in these difficult times. 

Ethical Benefits and Challenges of Bringing These Stories Together

Ethical benefits in the story mostly link with the fact that every character supports each other in a certain way to overcome the main struggle; it also combines a key point that links all three stories: fighting uncertainty and vulnerability by standing up for their beliefs. Challenge-wise, combining the stories proved difficult due to their entirely different themes, characters, and even the inclusion of a situation as absurd as a talking rabbit, all surrounding a scenario as difficult and hard to describe as the emotional aftermath that haunts a rape victim.

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