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The story of Miracle is a true story about Herb Brooks and the USA Hockey team who were put up against the dominant Soviet Union hockey team during the 1980 Olympics in the middle of the Cold War. This story is inspirational because Herb Brooks is able to unite a group of arrogant college hockey players and transform them into a gold winning hockey team, while simultaneously helping unite the United States amidst the tense times of the Cold War. One scene that is memorable is Herb Brook’s speech prior to the game against the Soviet Union, where he states, “Great moments are born from great opportunities… this is your time, now go out there and take it.” Miracle displays a hockey team that was able to distract their country from world events and allow them to unite together as a nation under one common goal.

I have a personal relationship to this story because I am an avid sports fan and I play a sport at the collegiate level. I remember being mesmerized by Herb Brook’s speech the first time I heard it because it resonates personally with me and resembles some of the struggles and obstacles that appear in the world of sports. Not every game is going to be easy and you will get knocked down at times, similarly to life in the real world. I have shared this story with my teammates before because I think that it is a story that every athlete needs to listen to and apply it to their own lives. It shows that the road ahead of you may not always be easy, but that does not give you a reason to quit, but a reason to work that much harder. It is inspiring to me, not only as an athlete but as a human being, because it proves that people can really make a difference when they come together, believe in a goal, and put the work in to achieve that goal,

I think that this story has the potential to mobilize the American public and cause social change. As of recently, the American public has become very divided and very doubtful of the future of our country, especially with the upcoming presidential election. Because we are looking at our future in such a negative light, I think that this movie could be used to inspire because it is set in a time that was very stressful for the American people, but shows that we united and prevailed. The Cold War was a strenuous time for the American people but we were able to unite and display our patriotism behind our national hockey team. This story shows that our country needs to be united and proud of where we come from, and fight to create the lives that we want. Right now, many people are refusing to vote because they don’t like either presidential candidate; however, they are actually hurting our country by not fulfilling their civic duties as a citizen and carrying out their rights. They have to be willing to work and fight for the change that is desired. It is not going to be easy to reunite our country, similarly to how it was not easy for Herb Brooks to unite his hockey team. However, the rewards are endless once you put aside your differences and work towards the common good.

Pride, Patriotism, Hope

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