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The Little Prince

The story is about a pilot who had a plane crash in Sahara desert. The story starts with pilot remembering his childhood and adults who always told him to learn well and to be serious. Now he is grown up and has a serious job he is a pilot. One day his plane has an accident and he must repair his engine. He is far away from any civilization but he meets a little boy who asks him to draw him a sheep. That's where the story begins. The whole story is about pilot and little prince who came from Asteroid. The Little prince is talking about his traveling and planets he visited. Also, when he one puts a question he never gives up. The Little prince is talking about his planet he lives in also about his daily duties. During his journey, he meets many people who symbolize people's weaknesses and addiction. He asks simple questions as why. Finally, he comes to the Earth where he meets the character of Pilot and they spend a few days together. In the end, the snake bites the little prince and he won't be able to ever return to the Earth again. Pilot successfully repairs the engine and returns back to home.

For the first time, I heard this story from my dad who drew pictures from this book. When I was a little child I did not understand the story properly, it was just a fairy tale about a little blond boy traveling around the universe and asking many questions. When I grew up a bit we read this book in primary school. The book about little prince is very famous all around the world. For many people, it is a great inspiration and for me, it is too. This fiction story is like a fairytale for adults. In symbols and simple examples, it shows us how stupid and complicated we as adults are. I read this story again when I was older and it helped me in many way. Those simple examples and experiences shared thanks to this book are priceless.

This story can inspire everyone. It is very simple to understand and at the same time very powerful.

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