Civic Imagination

Tamara G

My name is Tamara Gutverg. I am a third year Communications student from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. I love learning about new cultures, and discovering what the world is like from different perspectives. I have recently completed a student exchange program in the United Kingdom, and rediscovered a keen interest for traveling and meeting new people through that experience. I have always had a strong passion for reading and writing, which is why I hope to pursue a Masters in publishing in the near future. I am particularly excited by the new opportunities that digital media platforms are providing for the world of communications. I find myself fascinated by the immersive potential that they bear, as well as by the infinite possibilities that are yet to arrive in the world of interactive communications. Salzburg Academy's Global Media Seminar will provide an exceptional opportunity for both my peers and myself, as it is a crucial part of our professional formation to learn about the diverse views on the contemporary media's social implications. I am very excited to explore what this new challenge has to offer, and to see what new projects we come up with as a result of what is sure to be an extraordinary set of forthcoming weeks.

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