Civic Imagination

Knowledge is Change

Guy Montag is a firefighter in Buenos Aires, and his job is burning books, which have since been outlawed by a totalitarian government. On his way home from work, he stumbles into feminist writer and patron of the arts Victoria Ocampo. She was a rebel so she believed the only way society would change was if people started reading again. Victoria introduces Guy to her books, and only contemporary authors who were really controversial. After reading the books and gaining a new perspective of what the world should like, Guy and Victoria founded the Reader’s Union and started spreading the knowledge. While many thought that their ideas were provocative, they slowly gained followers. Eventually, their following became so prominent that the government was overthrown and books became legal again. 

Ethical Benefits and Challenges of Bringing These Stories Together

The benefit of bringing these stories together is an opportunity to realize that knowledge and recognition can be a source of change in every society. There were little to no ethical challenges bringing the two stories together because values are not circumstantial, and can be extrapolated to different societies and conflicts.

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